Midgard Serpents Reptile Rescue & Sanctuary


After 7 great years of working with the community and educating the public to the wonderful world of reptiles Midgard Serpents no Longer has the funding to continue  to provide services to the public, We will remain in operation as a family who will help if people need it but any rescue work will be done on a case by case basis as a reptile loving family and not as a corporate non profit.

Please feel free to call us if you need anything or wish to talk about a must surrender or emergency.

We currently still have many wonderful reptiles that need new homes though.

As far as any day to day animal surrenders or donations for rescues please contact Chad@

CCSB Reptile Rescue

WInston Salem, NC



It has been a pleasure working with all those in the reptile community and finding new homes for over 400 reptiles and amphibians through out the years......


 The Midgard Family



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